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College Years and Epilepsy

By Joanne Loughlin RN NP — From epilepsy.com

— Do you wonder what College life will be like with Epilepsy? Who should know about it and for those that do need to know how to tell them? There are a lot of ups and downs as one goes through the college years. It…

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over 8 years

Teen Reduces Seizure Frequency With EEG Biofeedback Training

By Zoe Langley — From suite101.com

— Neurofeedback is a type of behavior training called operant conditioning. This sophisticated form of brainwave monitoring and feedback trains the brain and nervous system to operate more normally. It's been used to treat epilepsy and other disorders for over thirty years. When Drugs Don't Control Seizures

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Anti-Epileptic Drug Exposure During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Major Congenital Malformations

By Thomas S. May — From docguide.com

— Two major studies presented here on June 28 during a platform session on drug therapy at the 9th European Congress on Epileptology (ECE) have found that several anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) are associated with major congenital malformations (MCMs) in the offspring of women taking AEDs during…

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Parents fighting epilepsy to the letter

By CAROL SLEZAK — From suntimes.com

— People don't write as many letters as they once did, but that doesn't mean they won't put pen to paper for a good cause. And as far as the Danny Did Foundation is concerned, there's no better cause than getting more government funding to combat epilepsy.

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation Becomes More Effective Over Time in Controlling Epileptic Seizures

By Thomas S. May — From docguide.com

— Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) effectively reduces seizure frequency in some patients with drug-resistant epilepsy, but VNS treatment may have to be applied for several years before any effect can be seen, researchers said here on June 29 at the 9th European Congress on Epileptology (ECE).

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Epilepsy Risk Higher in Soldiers with Brain Injuries

By Deborah Mitchell — From emaxhealth.com

— The high numbers of soldiers who have suffered traumatic brain injuries associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan face an array of health challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues. Now a new study highlights another finding: that these soldiers…

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Study determines epilepsy prevalence

By Deborah Condon — From irishhealth.com

— Every GP in the country has an average of 13 patients with epilepsy on their books, while every consultant neurologist nationwide sees an average of 17 patients with epilepsy every single week, a major new study has shown.
The Prevalence of Epilepsy in Ireland study was commissioned…

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Chicago Sky Partners with CURE to Raise Funds in Epilepsy Research

By Chicago Sky — From sportspagemagazine.com

— The Chicago Sky and CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy) announced today that they will work together to accelerate the search for a cure for epilepsy.
The Sky and CURE will work to raise awareness and funds for CURE when Sky WNBA All-Star Center and CUR…

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