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Diet Provides Miracle Cure for Child With Epilepsy

By Cole Mathisen — From kimt.com

— ALBERT LEA, Minn.- Each year, 120,000 children seek medical attention because of a first or newly diagnosed seizure.
Of these children, about 37,000 go on to develop recurring seizures or epilepsy.
Troy and Kristine Irvine's son max experienced his first seizure three years ago.
Epilepsy can…

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almost 8 years

Living With Epilepsy

By Arthur Schoenstadt, MD — From emedtv.com

— If you have epilepsy, you know that living with the condition can be challenging. For many people with epilepsy, the risk of seizures restricts their independence, in particular the ability to drive. Studies show that significant school and workplace barriers still exist for people…

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about 8 years

Children With Epilepsy Rate Quality of Life Higher Than Parents Expect

By Terri Mauro — From about.com

— I remember when my son had his first seizure, how terrified I was and how sure he was going to die. Once it was over, I was afraid of how this would change his life, and how limited he would be. Our neurologist recommended the book…

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about 8 years

Behavioral aspects of frontal lobe epilepsy

By Christoph Helmstaedter, Ph.D. — From epilepsy.com

— To date, neurobiologists interested in behavior and epilepsy have focused primarily on temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (mTLE), in particular, mostly because TLE accounts for the majority of patients with focal epilepsies seen at epilepsy referral centers. For example, in the…

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about 8 years

Epilepsy and Older Adults

By Diana Rodriguez — From everydayhealth.com

— It's common for older adults in their seventies and eighties, and even in their sixties, to feel confused, forgetful, or like they lost a couple of minutes and can't remember what happened. But that's not a normal part of aging. Often, it can be a sign…

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about 8 years

Depression increases risk of epilepsy

By Petrina Berry — From com.au

— People suffering from long-term depression are at a higher risk of developing epilepsy, a conference has heard.
International studies have found links between depression and epilepsy, Professor Andres Kanner from Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago has told an inaugural epilepsy symposium in Brisbane on Wednesday.

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almost 8 years

Epilepsy Treatments

By Arthur Schoenstadt, MD — From emedtv.com

— Accurate diagnosis of the type of epilepsy a person has is crucial in finding an effective epilepsy treatment. There are many different treatment options for epilepsy. Current methods can control seizures at least some of the time in about 80 percent of people with…

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about 8 years

The Mozart effect

By J S Jenkins, MD FRCP — From nih.gov

— In 1993 Rauscher et al.1 made the surprising claim that, after listening to Mozart's sonata for two pianos (K448) for 10 minutes, normal subjects showed significantly better spatial reasoning skills than after periods of listening to relaxation instructions designed to lower blood pressure…

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about 8 years

Herbal medicines and epilepsy: the potential for benefit and adverse effects

By Marcello Spinella, Ph.D. — From epilepsy.com

— There is widespread and increasing interest in complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs), including herbal medicines (1). National surveys suggest that 42% of Americans surveyed have recently used at least one such form of therapy. People also tend to use CAM for chronic conditions that do…

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about 8 years

Infertility more common in women with epilepsy

By Amy Norton — From reuters.com

— (Reuters Health) - Women with epilepsy may have a higher-than-average risk of fertility problems, particularly those on multiple anti-seizure drugs, a study published Monday suggests.
Researchers in India found that among 375 women with epilepsy who were trying to become pregnant, 62 percent successfully conceived, usually within…

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about 8 years