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Childhood Epilepsy Triples the Long Term Mortality Risk

By Dr. Nithin Jayan — From medindia.net

— Onset of epilepsy during childhood triples the long term mortality risk, suggests a recently published study in a medical journal. Epilepsy is a condition characterized by recurrent seizures. It is perhaps the second most common chronic neurological condition seen by neurologists. Three to five per…

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almost 8 years

Partial Seizures

By Robert S. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D. — From stanford.edu

— Partial seizures, which involve an electrical discharge in a limited area of the brain, come in a variety of forms. Let's look at some common types. A partial seizure begins with an electrical discharge in one limited area of the brain. How a…

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almost 8 years

All About Seizure Dogs

By Epilepsy Foundation — From epilepsyfoundation.org

— Seizure dogs can help when a family member is having a seizure. A few dogs may even be able to predict when people will have a seizure.
They're companions. They're an alarm system. They're helpers, protectors, and service providers. They may even be able to sense in…

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almost 9 years

Epilepsy Found to Be More Common in U.S. Than Thought

By Steven Reinberg, — From usnews.com

— A new study suggests that one of every 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their life.
That's a higher rate than previously believed and, experts say, highlights the need for more funding and attention to the condition.
"This study…

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about 8 years

School Allows Epileptic Boy to Have His Service Dog in Class During 3-Week Trial

By Josh Loposer — From pawnation.com

— Twelve-year-old Andrew Stevens and his best friend are looking forward to the start of a new semester. After mediation with the Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, Andrew's parents have worked out an arrangement that will allow Andrew and his seizure-alerting service dog, Alaya, to attend…

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about 8 years

Epilepsy May Have Caused Chopin's Hallucinations

By Fox News — From foxnews.com

— The classical composer Frédéric Chopin suffered from a litany of health problems, but one may have been overlooked until now: Temporal-lobe epilepsy may have caused his hallucinations, according to researchers.
Chopin, who was born in Poland in 1810, suffered from bouts of melancholy that are suggestive of…

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almost 8 years

Epilepsy Drugs May Raise Fracture Risk in Older Adults

By HealthDay News — From yahoo.com

— Epilepsy drugs increase older adults' risk for bone fractures, a new study shows.
Canadian researchers analyzed the medical records of 15,792 people 50 and older who'd had non-traumatic fractures between April 1996 and March 2004. Each person was matched with up to three people who'd never had…

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almost 9 years

Trades Piece of Her Brain for End to Seizures

By ROXANNA SHERWOOD, ABC News — From go.com

— Holes drilled in her head, wires inserted into her brain, the single mother got the good news: the abnormalities in certain areas of her brain had been pinpointed and, if surgically removed, might end her increasingly frequent seizures.
But there were enormous risks -…

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about 8 years

Cerebral Malaria Linked to Epilepsy, Behavior Disorders

By ScienceDaily.com — From sciencedaily.com

— Almost a third of cerebral malaria survivors developed epilepsy or other behavioral disorders in the most comprehensive study to date of the disease in African children, solidifying the link between malaria and neuropsychiatric disorders that affect hundreds of thousands of children.

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about 8 years

Epilepsy in Your Everyday Life

By epilepsyadvocate.com — From epilepsyadvocate.com

— Let’s review some tips for taking epilepsy medication properly and practical advice for a safe home and appropriate physical activities.
How can I remember to take my epilepsy medications?
Taking your medications properly is very important in treating your epilepsy. It is important not to skip doses and to…

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about 8 years