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Laser surgery prevents young man's epileptic seizures | Fox News

From foxnews.com

Collin May, 18, loves riding bikes, going fishing and playing video games. He has dreams of joining the United States Marine Corps, but a serious medical condition- epilepsy- has kept him from all that. "At night I would have the seizures and wouldn't get a lot of sleep at all,"…

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over 2 years

How Running (Literally) Everywhere Helps Me Cope With Epilepsy

From huffingtonpost.com

It was a beautiful morning in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was running up the mountain to work with a stump of broccoli in my hand. In my backpack, I was carrying a laptop, a loaf of bread, two pounds of apples, a carton of yoghurt, and a fresh change…

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over 2 years

Doctors Sound Alarm Over How Cause of Epilepsy Deaths Are Reported

From yahoo.com

(Photo: Getty Images) If you have epilepsy, you have a 27-fold greater risk of sudden death than people without the disorder. But that risk could be lowered substantially if patients and the general public understood the deadly risks of epilepsy, which can masquerade as heart disease, obesity and addiction, according…

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almost 3 years

Neurologists want the public to take epilepsy more seriously

From washingtonpost.com

It was Easter 2003, and something was wrong with Kimberly Taube. She hadn't contacted her sister, who had been cooking a family dinner and was waiting for Taube to check in. Multiple phone calls to her home bounced to voicemail. Concerned, her sister drove to Taube's apartment and let herself…

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over 2 years

This Is What It's Like To Live With Epilepsy

From com.au

I don't know when I first became aware of the word epilepsy. Family mythology has me aged about four when it was noticed that I was taking "funny turns". But it's a word that defined me for many years; stalked me through all aspects of life, complicated the serious and…

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over 2 years

Does Your Child Have Epilepsy? How to Minimize Sudden Death Risk

From clevelandclinic.org

Most children who experience epilepsy grow up to live long and fruitful lives. But every parent naturally wonders whether their beloved child with seizures could pass away prematurely. A quick internet search serves up plenty of information about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

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over 2 years

This Startup Is Making Life Safer for Those With Epilepsy

From inc.com

Inc.'s 11th annual 30 Under 30 list features the young founders taking on some of the world's biggest challenges. Here, meet Neutun Labs. Eric Dolan, co-founder of software company Neutun Labs, is clear about the importance of the disease that led him to become an entrepreneur.

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over 2 years