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Chicago Sky Partners with CURE to Raise Funds in Epilepsy Research

By Chicago Sky — From sportspagemagazine.com

— The Chicago Sky and CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy) announced today that they will work together to accelerate the search for a cure for epilepsy.
The Sky and CURE will work to raise awareness and funds for CURE when Sky WNBA All-Star Center and CUR…

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over 8 years

Epilepsy Found to Be More Common in U.S. Than Thought

By Steven Reinberg, — From usnews.com

— A new study suggests that one of every 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their life.
That's a higher rate than previously believed and, experts say, highlights the need for more funding and attention to the condition.
"This study…

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almost 8 years

Having Both Autism and Epilepsy Linked to Raised Death Rates

By Healthday — From businessweek.com

— People with both autism and epilepsy have a much higher death rate than those with autism alone, a new study finds.
Researchers examined brain tissue donated to the Autism Speaks Autism Tissue Program, and found that 39 percent of the donors with autism also had epilepsy, which is…

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over 7 years

A Crowd Of Scientists Finds A Better Way To Predict Seizures

From npr.org

An online contest for data scientists has produced a great leap forward in efforts to predict when someone with epilepsy is going to have a seizure. The winning team used data on electrical activity in the brain to develop an algorithm that predicted seizures 82 percent of the time.

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about 4 years

Sudden death in epilepsy: Researchers finger possible cause

From sciencemag.org

Sudden death, a mysterious and devastating outcome of epilepsy, could result from a brain stem shutdown following a seizure, researchers report today in Science Translational Medicine. Although the idea is still preliminary, it's engendering hope that neurologists are one step closer to intervening before death strikes.

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over 3 years

Parents fighting epilepsy to the letter

By CAROL SLEZAK — From suntimes.com

— People don't write as many letters as they once did, but that doesn't mean they won't put pen to paper for a good cause. And as far as the Danny Did Foundation is concerned, there's no better cause than getting more government funding to combat epilepsy.

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over 8 years

Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy Linked to Autism

By Kathleen Doheny — From webmd.com

— Epilepsy that is difficult to treat may be more common in those with autism than previously believed, new research suggests.
"In general, we knew prior to this study that people with autism have significantly elevated rates of epilepsy," says researcher Orrin Devinsky, MD, professor of neurology, neurosurgery…

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over 7 years

Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy? Surgical Advances May Help You

From clevelandclinic.org

If you have treatment-resistant epilepsy, you may benefit from recent advances in surgical procedures. The newest is a treatment called responsive neurostimulation therapy, which the FDA approved late last year. The treatment can alleviate epilepsy for some patients with partial onset seizures that have not been controlled by two or…

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about 4 years

Marijuana Extract for Children With Epilepsy Is Questioned

From wsj.com

Studies are under way to test the effectiveness of a marijuana extract that has been hailed as a wonder drug by some parents whose children suffer severe forms of epilepsy. But as initial findings from several researchers trickle in, the results are proving mixed.

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over 3 years