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Bill Allowing Cannabis Oil to Treat Epilepsy Now S.C. Law

From wltx.com

Since the oil has been illegal it's not immediately available in the state. Gov. Nikki Haley has signed into law a bill allowing people in South Carolina with severe epilepsy to use CBD oil, which comes from the marijuana plant, as a treatment option. The oil must be prescribed by…

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over 4 years

The Cost of Epilepsy Medications

From healthline.com

In the last few decades, the quality of epilepsy and seizure treatments has improved dramatically. New treatment medications are coming to the market each year-but with a hefty price tag. These treatments are typically more expensive than older treatments. If you have seizures or have been diagnosed with epilepsy, you…

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almost 4 years

US regulator approves first drug made with 3-D printer

From yahoo.com

The Ohio-based company Aprecia Pharmaceuticals said its system can produce doses of up to 1,000 mg per tablet. It said the product is a "porous formulation" that dissolves with just a sip of liquid, making it convenient for people who have trouble swallowing pills or for getting children to take…

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over 3 years

450 cases of birth defects from anti-epilepsy drug in France: officials

From yahoo.com

A common drug used to treat epilepsy has caused congenital defects in around 450 babies in France who were exposed to the medication before birth in the uterus, according to an estimate by health authorities published Tuesday. The estimate for all of France was extrapolated from data obtained in the…

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almost 3 years

Curing epilepsy through surgery | KSL.com

From ksl.com

Fear of seizing can be disabling, and epilepsy can lead to unemployment, depression, anxiety, and paranoia, Barkan said. While 70 to 75 percent of epilepsy patients' seizures are controlled by medications, the remaining 25 to 30 percent is a large group. Surgery was once viewed as a last resort for…

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about 4 years

Take a Stake in Your Prescriptions

From epilepsy.com

Clearly, the mainstay of modern treatment of epilepsy is antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). Many, if not all, of these medications have unique properties. While all of the medicines currently marketed in the U.S. have been evaluated and approved by the U.S.

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over 3 years

Nerve damage in MS could be prevented with epilepsy drug

From medicalnewstoday.com

At present, there is no treatment to prevent nerve damage in people with multiple sclerosis. But according to new research, a drug currently used to treat epilepsy could bring us closer to one. Researchers found the epilepsy drug phenytoin reduced nerve damage in people with optic neuritis.

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almost 3 years

Can Even Well-Controlled Epilepsy Affect Life Outcomes?

From goodtherapy.org

Controlling the symptoms of epilepsy improves life outcomes, but young adults diagnosed with epilepsy during childhood may face educational, legal, and social difficulties, even when their seizures are controlled well, according to a study published in Pediatrics. Epilepsy, which causes seizures, is the fourth most common neurological issue, affecting between…

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almost 3 years