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Epilepsy News Articles (4 results)

Living with Epilepsy: Elderly

By Epilepsy Foundation — From epilepsyfoundation.org

— Although there are always exceptions, senior citizens with epilepsy who are otherwise in good health and whose mental abilities are unaffected can usually continue to live independently.
Families may find this idea difficult to accept. With the best of intentions, they often become overprotective, making an older…

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about 8 years

School Allows Epileptic Boy to Have His Service Dog in Class During 3-Week Trial

By Josh Loposer — From pawnation.com

— Twelve-year-old Andrew Stevens and his best friend are looking forward to the start of a new semester. After mediation with the Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, Andrew's parents have worked out an arrangement that will allow Andrew and his seizure-alerting service dog, Alaya, to attend…

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about 8 years

Epilepsy in Your Everyday Life

By epilepsyadvocate.com — From epilepsyadvocate.com

— Let’s review some tips for taking epilepsy medication properly and practical advice for a safe home and appropriate physical activities.
How can I remember to take my epilepsy medications?
Taking your medications properly is very important in treating your epilepsy. It is important not to skip doses and to…

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about 8 years

11 Steps for Easier Travel With Epilepsy

From everydayhealth.com

Having epilepsy doesn't mean you're limited to being an armchair traveler. "As long as you plan and are careful, travel by any means is very doable," says Joseph Sirven, MD, chairman of the Epilepsy Foundation's professional advisory board and a professor and chairman of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in…

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almost 4 years