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National Epilepsy Awareness Month --- November 2010

By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — From cdc.gov

— November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. Epilepsy, which affects approximately 2 million persons in the United States, is characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures (1). Delayed recognition of these seizures and subsequent inadequate treatment increases the risk for additional seizures, disability, decreased health-related…

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almost 8 years

Epilepsy patient hopes to raise awareness with clothing line

From king5.com

SHELTON, Wash. — Kara Sampson hopes she's found a way to make a profit and a difference. Everything from her clothing and merchandise line, The Kendall Connection, includes eight words that have always inspired Sampson: "Be kind. Be true. Be strong. Be you."

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almost 3 years

#DareTo Go the Distance

From epilepsy.com

For National Epilepsy Awareness Month 2015, we're talking about how to strive for a life with the best seizure control you can achieve and no side effects. How do you #DareTo Go the Distance?

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almost 3 years

Dear epilepsy: I won't let you take over my life

From tdn.com

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - A tiny speck of dirt, that's what Olivia Nell calls it in her letter. She acknowledges its presence but dismisses its power. "Dear Epilepsy," she writes. "You put my emotions on a terrifying roller coaster that never ended.

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over 2 years