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Neurologists want the public to take epilepsy more seriously

From washingtonpost.com

It was Easter 2003, and something was wrong with Kimberly Taube. She hadn't contacted her sister, who had been cooking a family dinner and was waiting for Taube to check in. Multiple phone calls to her home bounced to voicemail. Concerned, her sister drove to Taube's apartment and let herself…

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2 days

Nerve damage in MS could be prevented with epilepsy drug

From medicalnewstoday.com

At present, there is no treatment to prevent nerve damage in people with multiple sclerosis. But according to new research, a drug currently used to treat epilepsy could bring us closer to one. Researchers found the epilepsy drug phenytoin reduced nerve damage in people with optic neuritis.

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16 days

Secondary Epilepsy

From huffingtonpost.com

Despite her epilepsy, my wife is still a strong, wonderful person, and the woman of my dreams. And as long as she has epilepsy I will have secondary epilepsy. I choose to love her and walk with her every step of the way through this journey, and always will.

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1 month

Doctors Sound Alarm Over How Cause of Epilepsy Deaths Are Reported

From yahoo.com

(Photo: Getty Images) If you have epilepsy, you have a 27-fold greater risk of sudden death than people without the disorder. But that risk could be lowered substantially if patients and the general public understood the deadly risks of epilepsy, which can masquerade as heart disease, obesity and addiction, according…

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1 month

8 Warning Signs of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

From livestrong.com

Your boss chews you out. A car hits a puddle and splashes dirty water all over you. It's a bad day, but it's only one day. But depression, which affects one in 10 Americans, doesn't go away with a flip of the calendar.

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2 months

New Report Evaluates Medical Marijuana Programs Nation-wide

From huffingtonpost.com

Patient Advocates Hope Report will Help State Legislators "Make the Grade" in 2016 With the recent release of the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) report "Medical Marijuana Access in the US: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws," state lawmakers now have the tools they need to improve…

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9 days

Laser surgery prevents young man's epileptic seizures | Fox News

From foxnews.com

Collin May, 18, loves riding bikes, going fishing and playing video games. He has dreams of joining the United States Marine Corps, but a serious medical condition- epilepsy- has kept him from all that. "At night I would have the seizures and wouldn't get a lot of sleep at all,"…

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23 days

Epilepsy patient hopes to raise awareness with clothing line

From king5.com

SHELTON, Wash. — Kara Sampson hopes she's found a way to make a profit and a difference. Everything from her clothing and merchandise line, The Kendall Connection, includes eight words that have always inspired Sampson: "Be kind. Be true. Be strong. Be you."

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1 month

The 4 Reasons Why Giving up Alcohol and Coffee Was Worth It

From greatist.com

I haven't had a single drop of alcohol or coffee in exactly 15 months. A couple of my friends on Facebook and Twitter asked me to write about my experience, so here it is in a nutshell. With more than a year of no alcohol and coffee, I did notice…

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1 month

What Psychologists Want You to Know About the Holiday Blues

From everydayhealth.com

Holiday blues can make some people dread the season, starting with Turkey Day and continuing through the new year. Other people drag through the winter months, including the holidays, with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that can occur as your body responds to fewer daylight hours.

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