Epilepsy is just part of the landscape

By WILLIAM WREN — From canadaeast.com Published at September 8, 2011 Views 1,401 Likes 1

If I could have my friend Les from Alberta tell you about the time I had a grand mal seizure (the full blown, convulsive kind of seizure), he would send you fleeing to the bathroom with laughter. He has a way of telling a story.

Seizures can be comical in a darkly slapstick way, but they are spooky too if you don't know anything about them. Seeing someone have that kind of seizure is like watching a break dancer with no sense of rhythm flailing about.

I was diagnosed with an epileptic condition 12 or more years ago when I had that full blown convulsive seizure. In the time since, the single most frustrating thing I've found is the distance between what you know about your condition and what you guess at.

This is likely because epilepsy is about the brain and while we increase our knowledge of it, and of epilepsy, it is such a complex organ the more you learn, the less you know.

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