SmartWatch Could Serve as 'Seismograph' for Seizure Detection

By Mike Martin TechNewsWorld — From Published at February 2, 2011 Views 1,446 Likes 1

Although it is still in the testing stage, the SmartWatch could eventually play an important role in the care of patients with epilepsy. The device can't predict or prevent seizures, but it can alert caregivers when one is taking place. It could be particularly useful for monitoring patients during the night, when seizures otherwise might go unnoticed.
Caregivers of people with epilepsy and related disorders harbor a major fear: that a seizure could occur without their knowledge.
Now, a wristwatch-style device aptly named the "SmartWatch" can detect seizures and alert caregivers within seven to 10 seconds, explained Stanford University pediatric neurology professor Donald Olson, M.D., one of the technology's developers.

The SmartWatch detects abnormal movements, then signals a phone or other device, keeping caregivers in an all-important loop.

Clinical trials at Stanford University with a first-time prototype were "successfully completed in June 2010," said Anoo Nathan, president of SmartMonitor, the technology's parent company. "More clinical studies will start in a few weeks at UC San Francisco," Nathan told TechNewsWorld.

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