All About Seizure Dogs

By Epilepsy Foundation — From Published at January 19, 2011 Views 2,036 Likes 2

Seizure dogs can help when a family member is having a seizure. A few dogs may even be able to predict when people will have a seizure.

They're companions. They're an alarm system. They're helpers, protectors, and service providers. They may even be able to sense in advance when someone they're close to is going to have an epileptic seizure. So-called seizure dogs can be all these things - and more.

America's interest in seizure dogs began in the mid-1980's, when a woman with epilepsy who was taking part in a Washington state prison project involving dogs discovered that one of the dogs seemed to know when she was going to have a seizure. The news media picked up the story, and the phrase "seizure dogs" was born. The Lifetime television drama, "Within These Walls," is based in part on this experience.

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