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I have dealt with seizures since age one. Throughout life I've also had some depressive episodes and more recently I had a couple possible manic episodes, so they diagnosed bipolar. I've also been evaluated for Borderline Personality, but I'm not sure what came of that. I'm not sure if this is a proper diagnosis because even the psychiatrist said he thinks it might be psychological or psychiatric effects of epilepsy…not a separate disorder like bipolar.

I read that many people with epilepsy deal with psychological, social, or psychiatric problems…high co-morbidity.

I'm trying separate or determine the difference between (1) symptoms of seizures from (2) side effects of medications from (3) co-morbid issues from (4) psychological or social issues due to epilepsy.

Do others share those types of experiences? How many others are cross diagnosed? Anyone have anything to share?

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  • Slauren5
    Slauren5 May 11, 2015 at 8:49 pm   

    I have both auras and side effects of my meds. My aura is like a shocking sensation from toe to head. My side effects are vertigo and double vision and recently tremors. My seizures have been getting worse so I haven't been able to leave the house due to my side effects.