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I began having seizures at the age of 32 right before I got pregnant w/ my only child. They don't occur very often, and my husband and other family members know what to do when I go into one. The last Grand Mal I had was months ago, and fortunately my husband was right beside me when it occurred, but it came out of nowhere, with no aura or triggers. I am terrified of my daughter seeing me have one, and scaring her. She is only 3, and wouldn't understand what is happening to Mommy. I happened to run across this site, and joined immediately. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Slauren5
    Slauren5 April 22, 2015 at 10:06 pm   

    I have a grand mal seizures too. In fact I had one today. I had one when I was in 10th grade at my JROTC miltary ball. I thought I sacred the crap out of everyone later but they weren't scared they worried about ME for my SAFTEY! I was amazed! You're little girl may not know what's happening to her mommy but you can bet she will be there wanting you, loving you, and in her own way caring for YOUR SAFTEY!