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Hi. Name's Christine Ashley and I live in South Carolina. I'm 24 years old and I've been diagnoses with a big list. Mostly the big ones I'm suffering with are Non-Epileptic Seizures, Chronic pain from the seizures and nerve damage, IBS and ADHD.

My seizures started in August of 2009. It started off as one or two in a month. Now it fluxes really bad. We've learned that it's pinpointed in my neck and that I can't look up or turn my head to the sides too far. I can only lift 2 lbs or less and I can't do most daily exercises either. What's new is the pain. I haven't been having pain for long but I think that because of all the seizures I've had over the past couple years it's doing something inside. Recently I've been put on Lortab for the pain when it gets too bad and Topamax for my huge migraines I receive.

My IBS is more like an Umbrella term because they aren't sure WHAT my problem is there. But my pain covers this as well. Going to the bathroom is rough business at times and it makes me afraid of what I'm eating a lot. I get really bad cuts and it makes anything passing excruciating at times.

My ADHD speaks for itself.It's 7:30 AM right now and I haven't slept all night because my brain just keeps running. But I'll crash in about an hour. My sleep isn't the best right now due to pain and over active mind. I've tried almost everything in the past for medication and nothing worked so now I'm basically fighting it on my own. Sometimes I fail.

My doctors have thrown me under the bus many times and by now I've all but given up hope on finding a cure for anything. Or even a cause. I wish the doctors would be more understanding and not so "God -attitude" about everything. But Nothing you can do about that! haha

I'm glad I was able to find this site. (IMVU showed me)and I'm glad that I can find others that know what I'm going through.

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