Complex Partial Seizures vs. Night Seizures

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I'm trying to see if what happens to me happens to anyone else. Finally, I've been told an EEG shows "Complex Partial Seizures" but my Doctor is still uncomfortable that my seizures seem not to be random.

The way I explain them is that they happen when I wake up (Therefore generally at night … but they've happened after naps too) I wake up, and then seconds to minutes later I get an aura.

Sometimes I can fight off the seizure, sometimes I can't and I'm aware of what's happening until the seizure is over, sometimes (my husband tells me) there's more to it that I don't know about even after I think the seizure is over.

Depending on where I am, it can be dangerous to me or not —- couch, kitchen, washroom, or bed. But the biggest part that baffles the doctor is that I describe my "trigger" as waking up from sleep. Doctor says usually if seizures happen at night, they happen while you're still sleeping.

Until I showed him a video this summer, he didn't want to put me back on medication - I had gone off the meds because I was trying In-Vitro to get pregnant.

Still we're not controlling the seizures so they're sending me to an epilepsy center. What can I expect?

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