Silent Seizures, or Partial Seizures...

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Nilla Wafers

Hi, I am Nilla…I'm not sure exactly what Partial seizures mean.. except .. when I had them .. I lost track of time.. 8 hours once.. places I had driven by all my life .. might all of a sudden not look the same.. ( like I had never seen them before ) .. scared me so bad. After all the test .. I was tried on all the regular med's .. but I can't swallow big pills .. so finally I was put on the drug Valproic Acid 250 MG/5 SYR.. which can have deadly side effects ( like everything ) but it works great for me…, there is no epilepsy in my family on either side at all.. guess I was just the lucky one lol… anyone with info , on the kind of Seizure's I was having would be greatly appreciated.

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