My last hospitalization

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A sad tale, but true. I had been admitted for hyponatremia, Two hours after I got to the floor the staff was reading my chart aloud so that anyone passing by could hear the news, and who it belonged to. I called them on this breach of privacy, but an hour later I heard a doctor and a nurse discussing how to write somethiing in my chart, namely, that I'd had status epilepticus and needed to go to an intensive care unit. They went so far as to drug me with ativan so I'd not object to being moved, and would look post-ictal! When the nurse from the ICU came out to go over my chart, she couldn't find evidence of ANY seizures all night! The nurse and doctor had been caught, in a flagrant lie. My PCP came to the floor took a look at the chart and said "this is bullfeathers, this is going to court", and took the chart with him. I'm going to file complaints about both the doctor and nurse. ANybody else have an expeirience as bad as this?

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  • riverkings
    riverkings September 22, 2011 at 12:11 pm   

    I have never had an experience that bad. That is terrible and totally unacceptable. I am hoping that you writing this means you are out of the hospital and doing better now. Do they know what caused your hyponatremia? You defiantly need to file complaints about the doctor and nurse, we all need to know that when we are in the hospital we will be treated honestly and with dignity. With all of the privacy laws in act now they should know better.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous September 24, 2011 at 8:57 am   

    My hyponatremia was caused by my antidepressants, cymbalta and abilify. My psychiatrist altered the dosages, and things are fine. Yes, I'm home, thank goodness! I have downloaded the paperwork to start filing complaints, but the hospital appears to be beating me to it! I wrote a long letter to them, and got a very nice, highly apologetic letter from the president of the hospital. Right now the matter rests in Patient Relations, but since I know the doctor and nurse got caught in the act by an alert ICU staffer, I don't think I'll need to file complaints, but we'll have to wait and see what the hospital itself does through its disciplinary system. If I'm satisfied, I'll go no farther. I'm not trying to shaft the hospital, only stop this kind of behavior. It's unfair to the patients, and unprofessional to boot. As I said, though, things are in a wait and see mode right now.