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"LIL" Dolly

I had A EEG done lately & the tech said she was going to stay in the room but she let witch made me very upset I almost went into a seizure I could feel it. But I did not go into one.

Write back signed Gwen

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  • riverkings
    riverkings August 12, 2011 at 11:45 am   

    That is odd that she left the room. I have never had them leave the room before except when my daughter had and extended 3 day video EEG.

  • AuntieM234
    AuntieM234 August 11, 2011 at 6:04 pm   

    I was just wondering, Gwen, why did it upset you when she left the room? Were you afraid of the machine? Because if you were, I just wanted to let you know there isn't anything about the machine that should worry you. It just measures your brain waves. Maybe you were just worried that you would have a seizure with the EEG machine hooked to you?

    I think the reason you didn't go into a seizure is probably because you didn't want it to happen and you worked really hard to keep it away. I can understand why you wouldn't want it to happen with you being hooked up like that. I agree with you that the tech shouldn't have left you in the room by yourself, though.

    Just think about it though. Think about how well you handled the situation. You are a very strong-willed person, Gwen. I'm proud of you and I'm happy to have you for a friend. I've been through some scarey things, myself, and always feel better if I am able to discuss it with a friend or loved one. Thanks for posting this so I could talk about it. God Bless you! Sending love your way … ;-) Mara