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It amazes me at how much unsolicited advice I will receive when someone hears that my daughter has seizures, so many "miracle cures". But here we can find some good advice that we know we can trust. Here is my tip for this week. It is important to keep a seizure journal. it can be in many different formats but make it something that is easy and assessable to you. there are some on-line like this one http://www.epilepsyconnect.com/product-review... or a simple notebook that you can take to Dr appointments. I have found it very useful to request my own copy of test results too put in my notebook and then when I go to other doctors I can pull it out and he can see what has been done. I admit I go through phases of being really good keeping it up and where I just don't take the time but it has helped to see patterns that I didn't know were there in the seizure activity and easy to remember what meds have been used and when, because after a while and so many meds they all seem to start blending together.

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  • riverkings
    riverkings August 12, 2011 at 11:51 am   

    Another thing you can put in your journal is witting any questions you have for the doctor as you think of them. I am really good at having a whole lot of questions in my head but once I get to the doctor appt. not remembering most of them. If you write them down it makes it a lot easier and when you leave the appt you aren't constantly thinking "Oh, I wanted to ask him that"