New Seizure Medication

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I was reading in my epilepsy magazine and came up on add of a new medicine sabril (vigabatrin). Has anyone heard of it? Is anyone taking it or have taken it? I am interested in knowing more about it. The article said it is for complex partial seizures. I dont go to my neuro for another 2 months so would like to know about. Like to hear from ya. Thanks

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  • kaysara
    kaysara July 20, 2011 at 1:16 am   

    Hi Jaybird123, no, I havn't heard of this medicine but my specialist 2 months ago, started me on what she said was an excellent new drug - keppra. I was so hoping that this would be the miracle cure, I would be seizure free and before I'd know it I would be back driving… Now, I returned for check up last week. My two months were hell for me and for my family. My mood swings, depression, anxiety etc were horrendous. Now doctor is weaning me of the keppra and trying tegretol which I was on some years ago but hope, if another tab included may be the miracle I am always praying for. So I suppose you may check with your doctor and hope if you are prescribed it that it will work for you. Unfortunately what works for one doesnt apply to everyone. Good luck. Do keep us informed. Kay.

  • jaybird123
    jaybird123 July 20, 2011 at 3:52 pm   

    Thanks Kay for your reply. I take keppra, lamictal, and topamax. Like ya said what works for one doesnt work for another. Sorry about the kepra. Good luck in getting your driving back. Hope your next medicine works. Thanks again, Jay