Your experience with epilepsy

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Jeanette Terry

How do you deal with and encorporate epilepsy into your daily life?

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  • horsemaster
    horsemaster April 13, 2013 at 10:35 pm   

    I was diagnosed with epilepsey when I was 13. Unfortunantly at that time much was still not understood about it and the area where I lived people treated me as though I was some sort of freak because of my fits or spells as the were called. Many times I was humiliated by adults as well as young people because of a siezure in public or at a party. My parents were told I should be placed in an institution or care facility for the rest of my life.My father however would have no part of this. Living in a farming area he continued to allow me to operate machinery as long as I promised to shut it down if I "felt funny" he gave me the incentive to keep going and I swore to prove all those people wrong that I could live a normal life and was not a freak or some mentally ill person. I obtained jobs keeping my condition to myself and worked hard. I had been diagnosed with Grand Mal siezures and was on barbituates. I was among some of the first people to try a new drug they came out with called depakote.,the forth in the natin actually. I have never llet epilepsey nor anything bring me down for that matter. You must stay strong and fight I have flown aircraft been rock climbiing,snorkled the coral reefs in the bahamas and now I do long distance trail riding. Most times I take my horse and go out all day alone. Life is to be lived not to be feared. As I write this my last siezure was 17 years ago. that doesn't mean I don't still have days or moments when I have "the feeling" only we know what that is. In 2008 I started to follow another of my passions,horses being my first,writeing. I hope soon to have my first book published I'm 48 had heart surgery got epilepsey artheritis my eyes and hearing are getting bad. I'm in constant pain now as joints iin my back and neck are deteriating,yet I work a 12hr job in a sawmill 4 days a week. Never give up my friends have courage the meds can only do so much and you all know that the rest is up to you. Learn to relax the only person who can teach you how to do that you. I did it and I was all alone. Bless each and every one of you.