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You may already know, but researchers have proven that biofeedback is one of the most effective means of treating epilepsy. There are hundreds of articles, studies that were done as early as 1972. Through manipulation of EEG activity, the brain basically functions differently.

I underwent biofeedback for a while. I was able to "bring down" my Hz waves, make them less pronounced, less "loud," less "harsh." I was able to make them more normal, look more like those produced by a normal brain. And, it helped. I was able to reduce the seizures I had, because my brain was no longer working the in the manner that was necessary to produce seizures. WE NEED TO LOOK INTO THIS FURTHER.

The drugs we take are no kind of solution. As soon as the drugs wear off your brain will begin producing the activity needed to create seizures. But if the brain does not make that kind of activity at all it will neither seize nor require drugs to keep the seizures away.

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