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Dr Gary Quick Poll: Has your epilepsy turned you into… “My clients often talk to me about staying in control of the day-to-day details in their lives. Some have…”
Jayksen WHAT MEDICINE DOES WHAT “Trileptal is a gabaminergic drug. It is structured a lot like TEGRETOL, and helps reduce your seizures by increasing the…”
Miranda Snyder BIOFEEDBACK MAY BE THE WAY “is biofeedback ect's or something else...... cause i'm just trying to figure out what happens during biofeedback”
woebegone neurologist says family history does not mean anything “That is one of the first questions neurologists ask regarding seizures !?!”
Los Feliz Jerks or spasms with epilepsy “Hello, those jerks you're getting ate called tremors, I get th too. In fact I got them for three yeard…”

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