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Dee14 thought or discussion causing the proviking a seizure? “Anyone else felt like discussing your seizure or thinking in detail about it has caused one to occur? I know…”
Hyrum Anderton What do you feel, when a seizure attack… “Reactions fr watching it in progress or your reaction when you are having a seizure?”
Islandlove Balance problems after seizure “I was diagnosed with Temporal seizures. during an attack, i will become disoriented and confused, not knowing what is going…”
missildine Hello, I just joined. “Hello I had epliepsy due to a brain tumor. I also have Retro Grade amenisa due to all of this.”
MissPuff EMU Round 2 “Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I alerted everyone & was able to get some recordings of my seizures. It helped…”

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